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sophia vergara makeup look

Feb 23

Sofia Vergara Makeup Look: Get the Look

She's one of the funniest, most beautiful women on television! We think this Sofia Vergara makeup look is so warm and sultry, perfect for any holiday party. Here's how to recreate this Sofia Vergara makeup look for yourself....
tang wei makeup look

Feb 02

Get the Look: Tang Wei Makeup Look

Tang Wei is globally known for her acting talent and gorgeous style. We love this recent makeup look from a 2015 movie premiere! Find out how to recreate this Tang Wei makeup look for yourself....

Jan 31

Top 10 Drugstore Products

Are you a makeup hoarder? Then you know how makeup can seriously drain your budget! Drugstore products cost a fraction of the price, and are often even better than prestige brands. Here are our favorite top 10 drugstore products....
perfect makeup with top 10 drugstore products

Jan 26

How to get a perfect make-up look?

So, you are in love with fashion and makeup just like zillion other women around you. And, just like these women you try very hard to perfect your favourite model or actress’s look. However, for instance, the winged look that looks so incredible on Amy Winehouse doesn’t seem to work...
makeup primer

Jan 19

Makeup Primer, do you really need it?

Whether you are someone who wears a full face of makeup or someone who just uses a touch of BB cream and a dash of lipstick, you can still make use of a makeup primer. Yet, most people don’t use a primer as they are unsure of how to or...
skin tone

Jan 09


You may be someone who loves fashion and playing dress up. But, guess what- none of it can be perfected unless you know your skin type and your skin tone. This is because every skincare product or makeup that you apply on your face invariantly depends on your skin type...
order of application for facial products

Jan 05

Best order of application for facial products

Applying our order of application skincare or makeup shouldn’t ever be so baffling. Instead, it should be a smooth and continuous process, with you applying layers and layers of sumptuous oils and creams in a dreamless sequence. Unfortunately, reality can be a bit troubling. So, in case you ’re wondering...
skin redness

Jan 02

5 Ways to Combat Skin Redness This Winter

This season, leave the redness to reindeer noses and Christmas lights, not your face! We've got five tips to combat skin redness to soothe smooth, and protect for healthy looking skin....
diy exfoliate

Dec 22

DIY Exfoliate: All Natural How-To

Are you suffering from dry skin this winter? The cold, dry air can wreak havoc on your skin! To smooth dry skin, you need an exfoliate. Stay away from drugstore exfoliates with dangerous plastic beads! Instead, create this DIY exfoliate you can make yourself, using ingredients from your kitchen!...
other uses of eyeshadow

Dec 19

Other Uses of Eyeshadow: Five Unique Ways!

Eyeshadow is one of the biggest makeup multitaskers available in your beauty arsenal. It's not just for eyes anymore! Find out five sneaky ways you can work eyeshadow into the rest of your beauty routine....