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Chemotherapy as the cause of the loss of eyelashes

May 30

Chemotherapy and the Loss of Eyelashes

Many women don't anticipate the loss of their eyelashes while undergoing chemotherapy. However, there are a number of tips to maintain the health of your eyelashes and grow them back faster....
how to get fuller eyelashes

May 26

How to Get Fuller Eyelashes

It’s one thing to have long eyelashes. It’s another to have long, full, lush eyelashes that are so lovely, you look like you’re wearing mascara even when you’re bare-faced! While growing your eyelashes longer is important for a naturally beautiful look, growing more eyelashes that are also thicker is ideal....
Frizzy hair hacks

Feb 18

Five Hacks for Frizzy Hair!

There’s nothing worse than when your bedhead style looks more messy than sexy. Yes, dealing with frizzy hair isn’t fun! Frizzy hair is the result of a hair follicle that doesn’t lie flat. The surface of your hair (called “the cuticle”) is covered with proteins that look like shingles on...
wide set eyes

Feb 15

Wide set eyes and the best lashes for you

Are your eyes wide set? To find out, examine your face in a mirror, paying close attention to the space in between your eyes, above your nose. How much space is there? Normally you could fit another eye in that space above your nose, but If it appears as if...
valentine's day

Feb 11

Valentine’s Day: 5 Gift Ideas for her!

The most romantic day of the year is just around the corner. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show the special someone in your life just how much they mean to you. But like any gift-giving holiday, it can be tough to find the oh-so-perfect gift for your girl!...
close set eyes

Feb 08

False Lashes for Close set eyes: Up Close and Beautiful!

Do your eyes have a not-so-long distance relationship? Your close set eyes might be the culprit! Girls with close set eyes tend to have a smaller distance in between their eyes....
downturned eyes

Feb 04

Down turned eyes and the best lashes for you

Sexy, downturned eyes were once a staple in old Hollywood glamour. Some women love to play up the sultry shape of their downturned eyes. Others worry that the shape makes them look sleepy. Regardless of how you feel, there are a variety of false eyelash options and makeup options to...
makeup for deep set eyes

Feb 01

False Eyelashes & Makeup for Upturned Eyes

Do you have flirty eyes and a sultry cat-like stare? You probably have pretty upturned eyes! Girls with upturned eyes tend to have almond-shaped eyes where the outer corner of the eye sits higher than the inner corner of the eye. In fact, people with upturned eyes often look like...

Jan 28

Monolid Eyes: How to Pick the Right False Lashes

Not all false lashes are created equal. Just like with choosing any other beauty product, you should choose what suits you best. False lashes come in various lengths and kinds of volume, in differing shapes and sizes, which should inform your decision on what set or type of false lashes...
Lashes for protruding eyes

Jan 25

Makeup for Protruding Eyes (the best lashes and more)

Big, baby eyes are always flirty and beautiful! If you have protruding eyes, this simply means that your eyes sit in a relatively shallow position in your eye socket. Want to tell if you have protruding eyes? Close your eyes, and rest your pointer finger against your eye socket, with...