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makeup for deep set eyes

Jan 21

Lashes & makeup for deep set eyes

By now, you’re probably aware of the shape of your eyes, and some of the false eyelash styles and other makeup looks that best flatter your eye shape. But, did you know the depth of your eyes could actually make a difference in your look? If your eyes appear to...
false eyeashes for hooded eyes

Jan 18

Picking False Eyelashes for Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes are the type of eyes where there is a fold of skin right on the socket line. Hooded eyes can be caused by age or genetics and can be a bit difficult to deal with. Here is how you can determine your eye shape. When trying to apply...

Jan 14

Healthy Glowing Skin (and our 5 quick tips)

Summertime can be a tricky time for your skin. Sun exposure, heat, humidity, and other elements can wreak havoc on your skin. Just as you refresh your style and add new pieces to your summer wardrobe, so should you refresh and edit your beauty booty. The changing seasons come with...
Lashes for Round Eyes

Jan 11

Lashes for round eyes: do’s and don’ts

What's the secret to getting a sultry, doe-eyed look? False eyelashes! Makeup artists and beauty fans know that false eyelashes are one of the easiest ways to get a gorgeous, flirty look. And if you've ever seen the selection of false eyelashes available, you know there are plenty of eyelash styles...
almond eyes

Jan 07

False Eyelashes for Almond Eyes

They’re the most popular eye shape in the world. Do you know what they are? Almond eyes are the most common eye shape worldwide! In fact, if you aren’t sure what your eye shape is, chances are they’re probably almond shaped! Want to know for sure? As you might have...
Frog Prince

Jan 04

Frog Prince: Lipstick For A Perfect Pout

Don’t you just love experimenting with new beauty products? Every single day there seems to be a new and exciting product to try. Today we put the focus on prettifying and pampering your pout. Your lips deserve as much TLC as your skincare, and of course, they deserve to be...
bigger eyes

Dec 31

How to Make Your Eyes Appear Bigger

Whether it’s to enhance your beautifully shaped eyes or to mask puffy and tired eyes, making your eyes appear bigger is a top beauty priority. There are so many ways to make your eyes appear bigger and brighter. There is no better remedy than starting from within, which is getting...
holiday hairdo

Dec 28

Winter Holiday Hairdo: our TOP 3 Suggestions

It’s not uncommon to hear people talking about how winter is the “lazy” season for girls since most of winter fashion revolves around leggings, jeans and in general - covered clothing. As such, people often think that girls have it much easier during Winter, with not needing to think about...
sparkle makeup

Dec 24

Holiday Makeup: 3 TIPS to add Sparkle this Winter

This winter is the perfect time to add sparkle to your holiday makeup look. It will play nice against the neutral palettes popular with this season. By choosing to add elements of playfulness or fun colours to your look, you’re making your look special, you’re making yourself extra special....
determine eye shape

Dec 21

Determine Your Eye Shape (And The Best Look For You!)

Knowing how to determine your eye shape can help you find the best eye makeup styles to look your best. It can determine where you apply your eyeshadow makeup, how you apply your eyeliner looks, and false eyelashes you use. But how can you determine your eye shape?...