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Looking Spectacular with these Cinco De Mayo Makeup Tips

Spring is welcomed in with the exciting and wonderful celebration of Cinco De Mayo, which in Spanish means the fifth of May. It is a celebration jointly shared by both the U.S. and Mexico. For the Mexicans in America this is a celebration that comes with great expectation and pride, and provides a wonderful venue for them to show their ethnicity. The historical purpose of this date is the victory of Mexico over the French forces during the Battle of Puebla May 5th1982.

There will be many local celebrations with some bigger venues being planned like the Cinco De Mayo Festival scheduled in Nevada. For those ladies planning on attending, it will mean spending some extra time choosing just the right attire, and paying a little extra attention to the makeup.

Plan your cinco de mayo makeup for outdoor protection:

Most of the celebrations are held outdoors, and hopefully the weather will be warm and sunny. For your makeup application you want to prepare for this. You may want to use a foundation that has a built in sunscreen. Even though it’s not the hot weather as yet, you still need to be protected.

Day make up:

Powder application:

Pay particular attention to the application of your powder so that your face will not appear to be greasy from the warmth of the day. Take your compact along with you for touch ups.

Cheek, lip and eye colors:

For your choice of lip and cheek colors you want something bright and fun as this is a joyous event. Keep your eye color the same way. What you want to plan for is being able to change your day look makeup over to an evening look without having to start from scratch. This is easily done if you plan for it.

False eyelashes:

Be sure to use false lashes to put the finishing touch on both your day and night makeup look. Everblinks mink lashes are the most comfortable and lightweight lashes available, so no more irritated eyelids. Definitely a big plus when you’re planning to wear lashes all day.

Transitions from day to evening makeup:

When you are ready to transition over to an evening look it just means emphasizing some of your current cinco de mayo makeup that you are wearing. You can start with a new application of powder. Then intensify your colors for a more alluring and sophisticated evening look.


Once you have re-applied your powder you will want to put on a fresh application of your blush. Be sure to use enough that it will be in balance with the rest of your makeup’s intensity.

Eye Color, liner and lashes:

You can keep the same eyeshadow color on the base of the eye lid, however freshen it up. Now add a contrasting but lighter (sparkling) color to the under your brow bone area and maybe even use one that has a little sparkle to it. After all this is such a fun event full of vibrant colors and you want to make sure that you fit right in.

Switch to a fuller and more luscious pair of mink lashes and for a more dramatic look and be sure to retouch your eyeliner as well.

Lip Color:

You can stay with the same color, however you may want to use a lip liner to emphasise your lips and some lip gloss or shimmer to enhance the color

Now you are ready for a night of fun at your chosen Cinco De Mayo celebration!

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