Apr 28

Why Your Eyelashes are Falling Out

It can be pretty devastating when you work so hard to keep up your appearance to discover your eyelashes are falling out. Their real purpose is to protect your eyes, but when enhanced properly with quality eye lash products, they become the framework for your gorgeous eyes. If you are suspecting that your lashes are beginning to thin out then you need to take some corrective measures.


It is perfectly normal to have some eyelash loss. Eyelashes are no different than the hair on other parts of your body, so they are also subject to a growth cycle. One eyelash can hold a life span of approximately 3-6 months. After this period the lash will fall out and soon be replaced by a new one.

Medical Condition

Whenever there are changes taking place in your body it is always a good idea to bring it to the attention of your health care provider. On occasion the loss or thinning of eyelashes can be a sign that something is going on in your body. These may be….

  1. Uncontrolled thyroid gland that produces incorrect amounts of hormones
  2. Alopecia areata, which is a type of hair loss that can affect any area of the body that contains hair
  3. Inflammation of the eyelid (also known as blepharitis) that is often caused by a bacterial infection

All of this sounds a little scary. After all we are talking about something that can have a dramatic effect on your appearance. Fortunately with many of the medical conditions that can cause eye lash loss, they are treatable. Lashes typically grow back within a few weeks after the medical condition is treated.

Drug Use

If you recently started a new drug and notice an increase in the loss of your eyelashes, bring this to the attention of your Doctor. He may be able to use a suitable replacement. If the drug use is temporary then the lash loss will be also, and they will quickly grow back. Under no circumstances should you stop the medication without speaking with your health care provider first.

(Im)proper care

Eyelashes are very delicate and should be taken care of with the right amount of caution. Here are some important tips that can prevent damaging your lashes:

  1. When you curl your lashes, be sure not to pull them.
  2. Never leave mascara on at night and be gentle when removing eye makeup. Use a dabbing rather than a rubbing motion.
  3. Be sure you don’t use any products that you are allergic to. An allergic reaction irritates the area around your eyes and may cause you to excessively rub your eyes and damage your lashes.
  4. Also important is to throw away mascara older than a couple months, as they can be a source of bacteria and cause eye infections. That is also the reason why makeup experts don’t recommend sharing you mascara with other people.

If you want to take extra care of your lashes, you can try eyelash conditioners. These products help your lashes grow longer and thicker, because they contain essential nutrition and proteins to stimulate the hair follicles.

Eyelash Extensions

If you are running into problems with eye lash loss or thinning, you may be tempted to go for eyelash extensions. These can often do more harm than good. In fact, if you have been a user of them they could be creating the problem.

These extensions are glued to your natural lashes and can damage them when the chosen extensions are too heavy for your own lashes to carry, or the method of application is incorrect.

There are beauticians that have had proper training in the eyelash extension applications, and this may be a better alternative to applying them yourself.

An even better alternative would be to try the strip lashes. Strip lashes are applied right above your natural lash line, so they will not weigh down and damage your own lashes. Another benefit is that you can choose the length and volume without being restricted by the weight your own lashes can carry.


There is no doubt that your eye lashes are important to you. You have every right to be concerned if they appear to be thinning or falling out. Hopefully the information we have just given you will help to relieve some of the concern you have that this may be a permanent problem, or that there are no solutions. At the very worst, if it were to become a permanent problem, there are some excellent products on the market that will help you deal with this. With these and the proper techniques, you can make sparse looking eye lashes look lush and full of volume.

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