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Here at Everblinks, we take pride in utilizing innovative ways to connect with you. We already announced on social media that we have been working with Octoly, which is an online platform which helps brands like Everblinks find beauty vloggers for the purpose of awesome collaborations!...


We have read your comments and are pleased to be announcing the roll out of our brand new Everblinks Lashes Loyalty Program! As a member of our Loyalty Program you will be able to earn points with every purchase you make!


How will it work?

You will receive points for the following:

10 points for subscribing to the loyalty program 1 point for every Euro spent, so between 26 and 32 points for the purchase of 1 pair of Everblinks Lashes & 6 points for the purchase of 1 tube of DUO Adhesive (*you can still receive points for products on sale; but reduced accordingly) 10 points for every product review (only applicable to the products you have purchased, and only submittable once) When can I redeem?

Once you have accumulated over 30 points you can already start to redeem the following! Find more details below:

30 points = 5% off your next purchase

60 points = 10% off your next purchase

100 points = 1 FREE tube of DUO Adhesive

120 points = 20% off your next purchase

300 points = 1 FREE pair of mink lashes of your choice!


Of course if you have any questions and concerns about the new loyalty program, please contact us here and we will reply as soon as possible.

As always, we value you and are continually striving to make your Everblinks experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible!


How do I stay up to date?

Follow us on Social Media to stay up to date with the newest developments!

Instagram @everblinkslashes

Facebook @everblinkslashes

Twitter @realeverblinks


We are super excited to be introducing a new payment method: Stripe Checkout! A clean and simple checkout method that works on all devices...
Do you have flirty eyes and a sultry cat-like stare? You probably have pretty upturned eyes! Girls with upturned eyes tend to have almond-shaped eyes where the outer corner of the eye sits higher than the inner corner of the eye. In fact, people with upturned eyes often look like...
Big, baby eyes are always flirty and beautiful! If you have protruding eyes, this simply means that your eyes sit in a relatively shallow position in your eye socket. Want to tell if you have protruding eyes? Close your eyes, and rest your pointer finger against your eye socket, with...
By now, you’re probably aware of the shape of your eyes, and some of the false eyelash styles and other makeup looks that best flatter your eye shape. But, did you know the depth of your eyes could actually make a difference in your look? If your eyes appear to...
Hooded eyes are the type of eyes where there is a fold of skin right on the socket line. Hooded eyes can be caused by age or genetics and can be a bit difficult to deal with. Here is how you can determine your eye shape. When trying to apply...
What's the secret to getting a sultry, doe-eyed look? False eyelashes! Makeup artists and beauty fans know that false eyelashes are one of the easiest ways to get a gorgeous, flirty look. And if you've ever seen the selection of false eyelashes available, you know there are plenty of eyelash styles...
Don’t you just love experimenting with new beauty products? Every single day there seems to be a new and exciting product to try. Today we put the focus on prettifying and pampering your pout. Your lips deserve as much TLC as your skincare, and of course, they deserve to be...
It’s almost here: your wedding day! Thanks to the obsessive planning and worrying that goes into it, your wedding day is bound to be the best day of your life. But with all the chaos that goes on during a wedding, a bride still has to be concerned with how...
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