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perfect makeup with top 10 drugstore products

Jan 26

How to get a perfect make-up look?

So, you are in love with fashion and makeup just like zillion other women around you. And, just like these women you try very hard to perfect your favourite model or actress’s look. However, for instance, the winged look that looks so incredible on Amy Winehouse doesn’t seem to work...
makeup primer

Jan 19

Makeup Primer, do you really need it?

Whether you are someone who wears a full face of makeup or someone who just uses a touch of BB cream and a dash of lipstick, you can still make use of a makeup primer. Yet, most people don’t use a primer as they are unsure of how to or...
order of application for facial products

Jan 05

Best order of application for facial products

Applying our order of application skincare or makeup shouldn’t ever be so baffling. Instead, it should be a smooth and continuous process, with you applying layers and layers of sumptuous oils and creams in a dreamless sequence. Unfortunately, reality can be a bit troubling. So, in case you ’re wondering...
DIY Makeup

Dec 01

DIY Makeup without toxins

All women are extremely dependent on cosmetics and beauty products. But what would you do if you realised that almost all the cosmetics and beauty products that we use are full of hazardous chemicals that ultimately end up having a negative effect on our skin?...
Holiday hair and makeup

Nov 07

4 Holiday Hair and Makeup Ideas

The holidays are here! No matter what event you will be attending this holiday season, you want to look your best. We crafted 4 gorgeous holiday hair and makeup combinations to have you looking merry and bright this holiday season....
dress codes

Nov 03

Dress Codes: how to dress correctly for every occasion

Fashion changes every day. And if you are someone who doesn’t keep themselves updated on fashion categories you may find it quite baffling when an invitation card arrives saying- “It is a black tie event”. Today’s dress codes can get quite perplexing for most of us, especially when fashion has...
beauty mistakes

Oct 20

20 beauty mistakes you didn’t know you were making

Makeup can be quite daunting even for the experts. Sometimes, we keep using our makeup in a particular manner only to learn that we’ve been doing it wrong all along. Recently, we came across this infographic from Listotic that explained 20 beauty mistakes that we didn’t even know we were...

Aug 22

Using aromatherapy to manage your emotions

In this fast-paced life where one has very little time to pause and relax, aromatherapy is a quick and effective fix to promote body and mind healing. What is aromatherapy? Aromatherapy is the practice of using aromatic oils extracted from different natural sources to enhance the psychological and physical well-being...
makeup mistakes

Aug 18

Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Tired

Makeup is a great way to make it look like late nights never happened and that you're always wide awake! Unfortunately, sometimes makeup can make us look tired instead of well-rested. Here’s a few tips to ensure that you avoid the top four makeup mistakes that make you look tired!...
taylor swift makeup look

Aug 15

How to get the Taylor Swift makeup look

Taylor Swift is famous for many things, including her sweet, classic style! Get the complete step-by-step in order to recreate her famous makeup look....