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Jan 02

5 Ways to Combat Skin Redness This Winter

‘Tis the season for skin redness! Winter can be trying on anyone’s skin. This season, the only thing that should be red are Christmas lights, not your face! Here are five tips to combat skin redness.

  1. Know your skin redness causes

Many individuals who suffer from redness of the skin have a few known triggers that could cause the irritation and red color. These can be anything from cold weather, to chemical sensitivities, even the foods you eat! Start by keeping track of the times you experience skin redness. Is it particularly on cold, dry days? After using certain face products? After eating certain foods? If you start noticing a pattern, you may want to try and avoid the particular trigger or otherwise protecting your skin against it. You may also want to speak with a dermatologist about any potential allergies.

  1. Cool cures for skin redness

If your skin redness is accompanied by skin feeling hot to the touch, a “cool” remedy may be helpful. Look for lotions or products that offer a cooling sensation, which may contain natural remedies like aloe vera.

  1. Try natural remedies for skin redness over chemicals

Many people are very sensitive to skin products containing chemicals, and this sensitivity can lead to redness. You may find more relief from redness and better results by using more natural or plant based skin products than those that contain more chemicals. A dermatologist will be able to provide further guidance.

  1. Know how to cover and conceal skin redness

One of the quickest and easiest ways to combat skin redness is to know how to conceal it using makeup. There are several ways to go about this. First, you can cover the skin redness. A full coverage foundation may be enough to cover the redness alone. You can also spot treat any troublesome spots using a concealer. After setting with a powder, the makeup should provide coverage against redness all day.

Another option is to counteract the redness with color correcting. When you color correct with makeup, you are using colored makeup to neutralize color in the skin. On the color wheel, red and green are opposites. Applying green color over redness will tone down the red, allowing it to easily be covered by makeup. Many beauty brands offer green-toned primers and concealers for this specific purpose. Once you have applied the green makeup and blended in, you should be able to top it with your regular colored makeup. If you are having difficulty covering red skin with foundation alone, color correcting may be helpful.

  1. Eat well and stay healthy to prevent skin redness

Like so many things within the human body, a healthy lifestyle and diet promotes healthiness overall. By eating well, staying well rested and well hydrated, and getting regular exercise, you may find that your skin looks clearer and less red over time. The way you treat yourself reflects in so many ways throughout your body! Take care of yourself, and you’re sure to look your best.

What are your secrets to correct skin redness?

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