Everblinks Partnership Program

Everblinks & you

Everblinks Mink Lashes

Everybody is unique and we believe that lashes should always compliment your style. We have developed the most natural looking lashes on the market to achieve an effortless and timeless look, suitable for everyday wear. A tailored selection of handmade, beautiful and High-Quality mink lashes that are easy to apply and extremely long lasting. A perfect fit for the vibrant life of a modern woman.

Savy, Stylish & Sophisticated

We offer the best mink lashes for every eye shape and amazing lash designs to match all styles and personalities. We empower women to become the best versions of themselves for nobody else but themselves! In a society where women “rule the world”, Everblinks is always by your side.

Everblinks & you

We recognize you as one of the global cultural influencers. You have an uncanny ability to bridge fashion and we love your creativity and authentic story telling. We believe that our target audience overlap, so by working together we can deliver stylish content that benefits both your own channels and the Everblinks brand.

Short term collaboration

We will provide free lashes in exchange for original content. This can be in the form of videos OR photos. For every pair of Everblinks Lashes that we provide, we ask for 1 short video OR 3 images in return (2 head/eye shots and 1 product shot). In addition we can provide you with free lashes for a giveaway and/or a discount code to be used for your followers.

Affiliate Program

We aim for a deeper-rooted collaboration by inviting you to join our AFFILIATE PROGRAM. The benefits are listed below and are different for exclusive and non-exclusive partners.

Exclusive Non-exclusive
Lashes to be used for content Free 1-2 pairs/month 30% discount only
Period 1 Year 1 year
Discount for followers 10% 10%
Discount period Continuous Periodic
Affiliate earnings 20-30% Max 20%
Free giveaways Yes No

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