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Just like with dewy skin, this season, the glow is in. No matter what the color, length, or style, healthy hair that is shiny and glowing always looks great! But when frizz is holding you back, hair can look dull, lifeless, and downright unhealthy. If you’re dying for healthy glowing hair, here are four easy tricks to promote shine.

Healthy hair needs to cool down!

Frizz and dullness happens when the cuticles of the hair stick up rather than laying flat. You may notice that your hair is frizzier during warmer weather. That’s because heat tends to activate the hair cuticle and make them stick up. Cold temperatures are the secret to glowing, shiny hair. But how can you apply cold to your hair? Try rinsing your hair in the shower using cold water. This will help the cuticle lay flat (Plus, it will definitely wake you up after an early morning shower!). Most hair dryers also offer a cold setting which blasts cool air rather than warm air. Once you have finished blow drying your hair, you can blast your hair with the cool air setting to finish the look.

Take it easy on the heat…

Just as cool temperature will keep your hair looking smooth, shiny, healthy, and glowing, warm temperatures can make your hair look dull. Not only can hot tools on the hair cause frizz by affecting the cuticles of the hair, they can also damage your hair follicles to the point of breakage. Damaged hair is prone to split ends and frizz, and definitely doesn’t look like healthy hair. However, heat is one of the main ways most people style their hair, so it can be hard to avoid. Many hair experts recommend avoiding heat styling your hair for at least one quarter of the days every month. Whenever you must use heated tools to style your hair, always apply a heat protecting balm or spray to the hair for protection against damage.

Go deep…conditioning that is!

Deep conditioning treatments are one of the easiest ways to keep hair healthy. Plus, they are easy to use, and many people consider the experience of using a hair mask to be relaxing. There are many different types of hair masks to try, including ones that smooth the hair, ones that gloss the hair to add shine, and ones to strengthen the for less breakage and frizz, promoting healthy hair. Always follow the correct directions when using a hair mask. Some can be applied to dry hair, some can be used in-shower, and some may need the hair to be gently heated to work, or even need to be applied overnight.

Ask the pros

Not sure what the best technique to try your for hair type is? Still having problems with frizzy hair? Talking to your hairstylist is a great way to learn about some easy techniques to getting and keeping healthy, glowing hair that can work best for you. Remember, hairstylists know all the ins and outs of healthy hair, and most will be more than happy to share their expertise with you. A hairstylists wants his or her clients to have healthy glowing hair!

What are your secret tricks to getting glowing healthy hair?

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How will it work?

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