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Dec 22

DIY Exfoliate: All Natural How-To

Winter can wreak havoc on your skin. Apart from redness and irritation, dry skin is one of the most common winter skin worries. From your face to your lips, from your elbows to your knees, if you are plagued by dry skin this winter, an exfoliating scrub is a great way too soothe and smooth. Stay smooth (and avoid dangerous plastic beads!) with this all natural DIY exfoliate you can make yourself with healthy, natural ingredients. Place it in a decorative jar to store it for yourself, or give as a gift! Here’s the how to:

DIY Exfoliate: Here’s what you need:

½ cup organic cane sugar (brown or white sugar works)

½ cup organic oil (olive oil or coconut oil are the best)

Scented oil of your choice (We love lavender, lemon, and vanilla!)

DIY Exfoliate: Instructions

  1. Measure out your sugar, then place the sugar into a large bowl.
  2. Measure out your oil. If using coconut oil, scooping the oil into a dry goods measuring cup rather than a liquid measuring cup might be easier!
  3. Add your oil to the sugar. Gently mix together with a spoon.
  4. If desired, add several drops of your favorite scented essential oil.
  5. Scoop your DIY Exfoliate into a decorative jar or container. Make sure the jar or container is air tight when it is closed!

DIY Exfoliate: How to use

Your DIY Exfoliate will last about six to eight weeks. In an airtight container, it can easily be kept and stored in your bathroom or shower. To use, scoop out around a tablespoon after cleansing skin, and while skin is still wet. Gently rub the exfoliate scrub in circular motions on the specified area.

After exfoliating, rinse the area completely to remove any remnants of the sugar mixture. The skin should feel smooth and supple. To lock in moisture and prevent skin dryness, moisturize the area after drying. Your exfoliate can be used as needed up to three times per week. While the ingredients are all-natural, stop the use of your DIY Exfoliate if any redness, pain, or irritation occurs.

DIY Exfoliate: Some areas to try

Your exfoliate is gentle enough to use on most skin areas. It is great for:

Tight, dry facial skin

Dry, cracked lips

Elbows and upper arm area

Knees and legs


Anywhere else with dry skin that needs to be smoothed!

Will you try this DIY Exfoliate?

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